Top Tips for Non-Verbal Reasoning

1 April 2015

In contrast to Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning focuses on conceptual thinking. Everything is visual and there are fewer words. Here are some tips to guide your practice:

  1. Don’t rush! Take your time to work out what is being asked. Trying to visualise the question can be helpful.
  2. Think carefully. Conceptual questions can vary a lot in complexity. Take care if the question requires multiples steps to obtain the answer.
  3. Look closely. The difference between correct and incorrect can be very small.
  4. Deduce exactly what is being asked. When confronting a new question type ensure that you understand it. Likewise, be wary of similar question types: a rotated shape is different from a reflected one!
  5. Focus on relevant differences. Work out what varies the answer choices and how they relate to the question.