Top Tips for Verbal Reasoning

1 April 2015

Verbal Reasoning can be tricky as a wide range of skills are tested, from logic problems to number equations.  Here are some ways to focus your preparation:

  1. Read the question carefully. This is crucial: answer what the question is actually asking, not what you expect.
  2. Learn vocabulary. Though this is also important for the English questions, it can be central to Verbal Reasoning. A difficult word may trip you up, but it is a simple aspect to improve: always look in a dictionary any unfamiliar words that you may come across. Getting into this habit is a sure way to gain marks!
  3. Think outside the box. After reading the question closely, the answer may still be not what you first expect, so look carefully over all the possible answers.
  4. Focus on the relevant information. Questions may try to distract you with unrelated details. Try to recognise this and concentrate on the main parts.
  5. Read the question very carefully. If you have been reading carefully, you might have seen this tip already!